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FEB 2015

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PLY GEM WINDOWS How do your energy efcient windows help residential remodelers? Ply Gem energy efcient windows allow remodelers to customize solutions for homeowners, delivering comfort and energy savings. By ofering multiple glass options, Ply Gem enables the remodeler to se- lect the option that works best for their application and local climate conditions. In addition, insulated frame and sash options allow remodelers to meet the toughest Energy Star standards. What's the next advancement in the energy efcient window market? Window manufacturers are continuously developing and testing products and technol- ogies that deliver next generation performance and comfort levels. Several of these advance- ments allow windows to approach the same ther- mal performance levels as traditional exterior wall systems, plus improved sound reduction, light transmission and visual clarity. Circle 24 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/10839420 PELLA How do your energy-efcient windows help residential remodelers? Pella windows and doors are avail- able in a variety of materials includ- ing vinyl, fberglass and wood, and are available in standard and special sizes — making them a great option for any residential project. Pella win- dows and doors are also extremely energy-efcient and ofer dual- and triple-panes of glass and multiple Low E options to best ft the homeowner's climate and project. What's the next advancement in the energy- efcient window market? Te next in Pella innovation is Pella Insynctive technology, a family of smart home products that allow homeowners to check windows and doors at a glance and control Pella blinds and shades. Tis ability to manage and connect to your home al- lows homeowners to maximize their energy-efcient windows and doors. Circle 23 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/11843369 SIMONTON WINDOWS How do your energy-efcient windows help residential remodelers? Simonton Windows are completely customizable. Every window is built to exceed the industry's most stringent performance and efciency standards. Simonton has developed easy-to-understand and easy-to-sell Energy Star packages that have been formulated to specifcally address regional thermal requirements. In addition to thermal performance, Simonton also exceeds AAMA Gold performance standards for air and water infltration. What's the next advancement in the energy-efcient window market? Simonton ofers advanced performance materials including ProSolar Sun glass and fberglass rein- forcements. ProSolar Sun glass is ideal for colder climates where it is necessary to use the sun's rays to help heat a home in winter months while blocking harmful rays in the summer. Fiberglass reinforcement acts as a neutral component, re- ducing thermal conductivity and is made from bio-based, sustainable material. Circle 25 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/11843367 KOLBE WINDOWS AND DOORS How do your energy-efcient windows help residential remodelers? Kolbe provides numerous energy-efcient products and options for today's remodel- er. Our dual- and triple-pane glass options, along with the corresponding ofering of Low E coatings, provide efciency and fexibility for remodeling projects. Tese types of prod- ucts are replacing many of the single-pane products found throughout the country. Our various product types, options and installation methods allow versatility in design, perfor- mance and installation. What's the next advancement in the energy-efcient window market? Glass vendors have perhaps the largest respon- sibility in product advancement for energy ef- fciency. It is part of a larger group containing other component and product manufacturers and designers. Te synergy of those groups working together can raise the bar for window and door products through new materials, pru- dent product design and calculated placement in remodeling projects. It is a comprehensive push toward more efcient products and projects for the homeowner and the market. Circle 26 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/10323376 QualifiedRemodeler.com | ForResidentialPros.com QR February 2015 45

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