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FEB 2015

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Views with benefts By Kacey Larsen Window manufacturers continue to focus on energy efciency with the use of continually improving materials, pairing with technology to control shades and blinds, and the expansion of these benefts to larger and custom sized windows ANDERSEN WINDOWS How do your energy-efcient windows help residential windows? From energy efciency and durability to low maintenance, Andersen designs and builds windows and doors that are among the best-performing products in the industry. Andersen is committed to constant innovation as well as rigorous testing of performance and quality to make sure we continue setting the high - est possible bar for performance. Circle 20 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/10205954 MARVIN WINDOWS AND DOORS How do your energy- efcient windows help residential remodelers? We often talk about energy-ef- cient window and door products helping the consumer — the end user — but they have great value for trade profes- sionals, too. Today's homeowners are concerned with their home's energy efciency and want to be assured they are buying products that allow them to make their home more energy efcient. We've found that when a remodeler can use a product that is highly energy efcient, operates easily and fts the homeowner's design needs they have a happier client and a smooth project. What's the next advancement in the energy-efcient window market? New glazing coats that help optimize perfor- mance for various climates and enable window and door manufacturers to achieve changing ener- gy codes will continue to hit the market. Interior and exterior shades, such as Marvin's integrated interior shades and automated exterior shade sys- tem, will continue to evolve and ofer comfort and solar control. Materials and design will evolve to optimize thermal performance, beyond glazing and shades. One example is our Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung with an auto-lock feature, making sure the top and bottom sashes are locked when not in use and prevents sash sag (and the unwanted energy loss that results). Circle 21 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/11843355 JELD-WEN What's the next advancement in the energy- efcient window market? We feel the next advancement in energy-efcient wood windows is the Jeld-Wen Siteline Collection. Tis window line utilizes advanced glass package options and energy efciency designs, from the sill to the frame. We've recessed the sash on the casement, changed how the glass sits in the sash, added more wood to the frame and given an engineering overhaul to the sills. Plus, we've updated the aesthetics and exploded the options to ensure a perfect ft in any home. Circle 22 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/11843361 44 February 2015 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com | ForResidentialPros.com PRODUCT TRENDS: Windows

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