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FEB 2015

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"I bought it from XYZ Company" — or — "XYZ Company did my work." Tey don't stress that someone "sold them." So then what of the contractors, de- signers or remodelers who don't like to be called a sales representative? All too often those who are new to the selling profession or those who have to use interactive communication skills to ac- quire business frequently misunderstand there are certain core values involved in becoming more efective in what they do. Like it or not, improved communication techniques that are embodied in well- trained salespeople may be a key. Some years ago, while training engineers who presented complicated solutions to ma- jor commercial and industrial property owners, I employed this explanation: "Whenever an interaction between two or more parties takes place, for the purpose of establishing new ideas, exchanging goods or services or the development of a relation- ship, some form of selling will occur and the skills of the communicator will determine the outcome." THE LATE Dr. Marvin Jolson, former senior vice president of Encyclopedia Britannica, later professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, stated: "Historically, the goal of the sales call could be described as an encounter that hopefully resulted in a conquest or vic- tory called a 'sale.' In this new era, the concept is described as a problem-solv- ing discussion between salesperson and prospect that leads toward a meeting of W hy do many prospects/custom- ers see salespeople as a threat to their feelings of well-being? Why do those whose job description re- quires them to give estimates or make proposals or do design avoid and resent the title? Here are the pros and cons that came out of 17 years of research. Yes, prospects/ customers do resent shoddy sales tactics, pushy salespeople who drone on and on without ever examining the customer's val- ues or uncovering their true needs. Yes, cus- tomers do resent those providing services who stretch the truth, make erroneous statements submitted as fact — and — yes, customers/prospects resent "time wasters." On the other hand, when people are satis- fed with the way the goods or services were sold and installed and when proper sales tactics are used, their comment usually is Why is 'Sell' a four-letter word? By Dave Yoho minds that deepens the dependence of each on the other. Te salesperson's primary aim should be to collaborate efectively and establish mutual trust." While we allow for those who disdain the title of salesperson, we respectfully submit — that if some structured form of presentation built around sales meth- ods is not employed very little happens or at the very least — you have fewer successes than you would prefer. CERTAIN SKILLS applicable to selling are apparent in most professions such as lawyers, physicians, architects, engi- neers, even clergymen. In fact, anyone who has to convey an idea to another is regulated, knowingly or otherwise, by major components of selling. To use but one example — rapport. Tis word DAVE YOHO is the president of the oldest, largest and most successful small business consulting company specializing in the home improvement industry (since 1962). His company employs a staf of consulting experts who specialize in advising companies about how to become more proftable in their business. His company sponsors a series of educational programs in the form of webinars and seminars, which are explained at hipsummit.com. His recorded materials are sold throughout the United States and several foreign countries. For more information, visit daveyoho.com. Yes, customers do resent those providing services who stretch the truth, make erroneous statements submitted as fact — and — yes, customers/prospects resent "time wasters." Continued on 40 B U S I N E S S S O L U T I O N S 38 SPECIAL SECTION: EXTERIOR CONTRACTOR | February 2015 QR QualifiedRemodeler.com | ForResidentialPros.com

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