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FEB 2015

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do this. My challenge to you is to really put it to the test. SO, WE'VE covered a lot in this frst install- ment. We will address all of these strategies and tactics in future installments. For now, I'll leave you with this important action item. Over the next 30 days, play customer by mys- tery shopping your own business. Go through your entire process exactly as your prospect/ customer would and ask yourself these two seemingly simple questions: ¡ ¡ Does my entire team understand our com- mitment to "Customers For Life"? ¡ ¡ Do we deliver a world-class experience, that our customers want to brag about to their friends, family or anyone else who will listen? I would imagine your answers will likely be no to both questions, and that's just fne because with the exercise done you'll be well on your way. In our second installment, in April, we'll talk about the next step — de- livering a world-class experience, worthy of repeat sales and referrals. | re you getting all of the business you should be getting from your past customers? From my experience, your an- swer is likely no, which means that chances are good that this is a huge area of untapped opportunity in your business that could be worth thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — of dollars in sales and profts. I don't have to tell you that the easiest to sell, No. 1 most proftable lead your company can get is a past customer who returns and buys from you again. Second to that is some- one who was referred to you by someone they know, like and trust. So it only makes sense that if we want to maximize the proftability of our business in 2015 and beyond, we must do everything we can to get more of these leads. Troughout the course of 2015, I will be providing you with a step-by-step road map for maximizing your business's profts by get- ting more of your customers to buy from you again and send referrals to you. In this frst article, we'll lay the foundation for generating more sales and profts from past customers. Te frst step is your commitment. IN ORDER to get more sales and profts from past customers, you, as the leader of your com- pany, must commit to creating "Customers For Life" and to becoming your customers' "Contractor For Life." Now, I know you might be thinking you're already doing this because you provide a great product, great service, and you have great peo- ple. But this commitment will demand that you and your people do things diferently. First, it will demand that you focus on establishing and maintaining long-term, mutually benefcial relationships with your current and past customers. It requires you to think of every customer as not just what they can do for you today … but what your relationship with that customer can provide in the future. Tis means no more "love 'em and leave 'em." You must show them how much you appreciate them, request their feed- back and have a system in place for keeping in touch with them (more on this in future installments). It demands that you become your cus- tomers' trusted advisor for all things related to home improvement. You want them to know they have a friend "in the business" who they can count on for the right advice, guidance and expertise when it comes to any project they take on, even for products and services you don't sell (more on this in future installments). It demands that you develop your processes and train your people to serve your customers in a way that is fun and favorable. You want them to think of you as being "world-class." You must strive to serve your customers un- like anyone they've ever dealt with. Tink about it; when was the last time you had a truly memorable experience with a business? Unfortunately, those experiences are few and far between, especially nowadays. Your com- pany needs to be the one standout in your customer's mind (more on this in future installments). In order to get repeat business and referrals, your customer must have confdence in your ability to deliver the same great experience the next time they need you and to anyone they might refer to you (read that again — it is the key factor to more referrals and repeat sales). Again, you might be thinking you already Are you closing your eyes to the proft potential in your past customers? By Brian Kaskavalciyan — Editor's note: This is part one of a six-part series A BRIAN KASKAVALCIYAN is a marketing strategist and an expert on relationship marketing in the home improvement industry. From start-ups to $50 million enterprises, his company g|Four Marketing Group — www.gFourMarketing.com — works with hundreds of contractors each year in the areas of lead generation and profit growth. QualifiedRemodeler.com | ForResidentialPros.com QR February 2015 17 PROFITS: Marketing

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