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DEC 2014

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Disappearing drawers By Laurie Banyay Drawer appliances provide a trendy, practical option that can install in nearly any space, making them suitable for universal design, outdoor living and nontraditional spaces PERLICK How do your drawer appliances help residential remodelers? Convenience and smart design. Remodelers are look- ing for quality but also expect appliances that con- form to each of their client's lifestyles. Tis is where Perlick's undercounter drawer ofering comes into play. With 15- and 24-in. solutions, Perlick's refrig- erated drawers ofer easily accessible (kid-friendly) re- frigeration and freezer storage solutions for the kitch- en, and function as point-of-use solutions throughout the home. For example, the 15-in. Signature Series Drawers complement master bath suites — provid- ing storage for everything from personal care prod- ucts, medication/vitamins, and beverages to chilled washcloths. Te 24-in. Signatures Series Refrigerated Drawers have been used in cofee nooks to store milk, syrups and other breakfast foods. All of Perlick's Signature Series drawer options, in- cluding the 24-in. Freezer Drawers unit, are UL-rated for use outdoors. Finally, Perlick's drawer units can be stacked. In the kitchen, stacking provides the abil- ity to create sleek, customized storage. Tis, coupled with accessories like stainless steel drawer dividers, provides ample refrigeration solutions, eliminating the need for standard refrigeration. What is the next trend in drawer appliances? As described above, the trend of using drawers as point-of-use solutions throughout the home. Tere is also a trend from an interior design perspective. As we all know, stainless steel is classic — and it is still in high demand. But, disappearing kitchens or kitchens that feature white/fat cabinetry without hardware are on trend. Perlick's drawer units complement this trend because their fully integrated depth allows for a fush ft with surrounding cabinetry — and all of Perlick's products accept wood overlay, so the drawers can actually disappear into the cabinetry. Circle 15 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/10778759 FISHER & PAYKEL How do your drawer appliances help residential remodelers? Our double DishDrawer is ofered in two heights: 32 in. (adjustable to 35 in.) and 34 in. (adjustable to 36 in.). What this means is that the more ergonomic drawer solution will ft perfectly in an existing dishwasher cutout, perfect for remodeling. Te connections are the same as a traditional dishwasher, one wa- ter inlet and one water outlet (two drain hos- es connect to a Y connector). Installation is extremely easy — adjust the height and screw in four screws and you're done. DishDrawer is also ofered as a single drawer, making it suitable for a smaller kitchen as it allows for a storage drawer to be placed under it, or you can install two single drawers either side of the kitchen sink to mimic the kitchen drawers throughout the kitchen. DishDrawer comes either prefnished in white, black or stainless or panel ready to match the other kitchen cabinets. Additionally we also ofer CoolDrawer — a multitemperature refrigeration drawer. Tis is great for wet bars, a butler's pantry or simply additional refrigeration storage within the kitchen. What's great about this product is it can be changed from a freezer to a fridge to a wine drawer at the touch of a button so it is very versatile and ergonomic. What is the next trend in drawer appliances? Drawer appliances is all about the ergonomics and ofering a seamless ft to the kitchen to be visually appealing. Evolving the platform with kitchen design is imperative. Circle 14 or visit ForResidentialPros.com/11684001 42 December 2014 QR ForResidentialPros.com PRODUCTS: Trends

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