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DEC 2014

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bedrooms but left the upstairs bathroom ceiling fat to accommodate a new high-efciency furnace placed above. Winner notes that some people aren't in favor of blend- ing modern and historic elements, but he's pleased the renovation refects the owners' various tastes and will keep them in the Old Town neighborhood. "I'm attached to this place and to the community here," says Winner. "It's great to know that this house will now grow with this family so they can stay in a home they truly love." | KJ Fields writes from Portland, Ore., about remodeling and design. New storm windows protect the house from temperature fuctuations behind these original panes, while the ripples in the aged glass convey the home's history. GOOD FIT Sean Tomlinson, owner of Fort Collins-based Tomlinson Designs, worked with the owners to create a layout that moved interior walls for a more functional and open atmo- sphere. On the frst foor, a former bedroom became the spot for the new staircase. Te master bedroom remained but the full bathroom was pared down to a half-bath. Te layout combined the living room and family room into one connected space that can be screened of with double pocket doors. With some walls eliminated, barren strips in the origi- nal fr fooring needed to be patched. HighCraft Builders worked to fnd wood that could lace into the original hardwood's appearance as much as possible. "We locat- ed a seemingly ideal candidate from a reclaimed wood store," recalls Winner, "but when it was sanded down and recoated, we were surprised that it took the new coating diferently, so it has a slightly diferent color." Te new second story includes three bedrooms and a full bath. To give volume to the small upstairs rooms, HighCraft Builders erected vaulted ceilings over the The new second-story addition includes three bedrooms and a full bath. SEE MORE PHOTOS of this Master Design Solution project on ForResidentialPros.com/ 11773045 For more info circle 40

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